TOL & Hyunsuk’s House warming

Tonight was a TOL (Trace of Light) gathering night. Unfortunately, Veronica and I haven’t been able to attend these meetings lately because of our schedule but today was definitely a lot of fun. At these meetings we share our photos and talk about them. It’s good to see other people’s perspective. Interestingly, guys seem to be more interested in the camera/technical details compared to the girls and yet we don’t necessarily make better pictures 😉 maybe us men try to compensate for our artistic abilities with technical knowledge 😛 Or we just like gadgets! 😀

Because of her diet, Junghee wouldn’t touch the chicken and she only allowed herself the lettuce… mmmmmmmm…. well at least it looked very fresh 🙂

After the TOL meeting, Veronica and I quickly dropped by Hyunsuk’s place for his house warming party. Hyunsuk very kindly cooked up a ‘noodle with oyster sauce’. Thanks Hyunsuk! 🙂


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