Cherry Picking

Yesterday was my first cherry picking experience. I have always heard people saying it’s a fun experience so some of our friends, Veronica and I decided to give it a try yesterday.

Althought it took close to 2 hrs to get there (it was only suppose to take 1 hr) because of the traffic, it definitely was worth it. Since it was Saturday, there were a ton of people but still there were plenty of cherry trees to go around 😛

Cherries were so sweet and there were MANY!

It costs $4 to enter the cherry farm per person but when you buy the cherries you picked (they measure the weight, approx $2/lb), that cost is deducted. 3 boxes full cost me $37 after deduction and trust me that’s a lot of cherries! 🙂

For those interested, the cherry farm is located near Niagara Falls and should take about 1 hr from Toronto, ON.

4303 Cherry Ave.

Licoln, ON.


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