Nuit Blanche 2011 Toronto

Nuit Blanche, it was our first time seeing the festival. We had no idea what to expect but it turned out better than we hoped.

Also it was a good opportunity to test out the high iso capabilities of the newly acquired X100 and I have to say I was IMPRESSED!

The festival closed down the Yonge street from Bloor all the way down to downtown core. It was interesting to see so many people out and about at night in Toronto! It’s not a very common scene ^^

The above was one of the more interesting exhibitions. Apparently the artist was trying to show how people will sleep in the future? But heh, it was a good opportunity to take some Bokehlicious pictures! ^^

The festival started at 7PM and it was to go on until the next morning (sunrise), if you have the stamina, you could spend the entire night walking around checking out all the exhibitions but Veronica and I had decided that we had seen enough and headed for Seven West. Seven West is a bar/restaurant that opens 365 days a year and has very nice atmosphere.

After a very enjoyable night, we look forward to next years Nuit Blanche too ^^



2 thoughts on “Nuit Blanche 2011 Toronto

    • Thank you. It was one of the exhibition that night. people were given umbrellas and asked to walk through the sprinklers. It provided for an interesting photo! ^^

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