It has been a year since Micky has become a family member. When he first came to our home, he was one very frightened and aggressive cat. He is so docile and fun now, I can’t imagine him ever having been so aggressive.

It’s probably true that most pet owners think that their pet is the smartest and the cutest and sorry for the cliche but I really do think Micky is smarter than an average cat!

And today I was experimenting with off-camera flash using SC 29 (TTL cord for Nikon). Micky was surprised by all the sudden flash lights and capturing the above moment was just priceless!!! lol

Well… until I get better with my off-camera flash skills…sorry Micky! you are going to be my model for awhile 😛 ^^


Nikon D700 + 24mm 1.4 + SB 600 (with SC 29)


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