M&M at Moxies!

Matt & Mina have been married for four months now and I can definitely say that they look happy!

Trying to arrange a time to meet up with each other and catch up wasn’t easy lately but fortunately we were able to meet up tonight.

Good company and good food is always a good combination and tonight we had both. Furthermore, Matt also generously paid for our meal ^^ Thanks Matt but next time it’s on us!

On the note of photography, Moxies doesn’t have very good lighting so it’s always difficult to take pictures… even with high ISO capabilities of D700 but it was a perfect opportunity to test out our newly acquired Nikon 24mm f1.4 lens! And boy did it perform well! The images were crisp with nice contrast and due to it’s 1.4 aperture, the ISO was kept relatively low too. With this new 24mm lens, I am getting a lot more urges these days to go out and take pictures! Hope I will be updating my blog more often now with a lot more pictures soon!


Nikon D700 + 24mm 1.4


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