Welcome to Hyunseok’s Birthday Party!

Today was Hyunseok’s birthday (well it was his birthday party at least :P). The above is the picture of him welcoming you to his party. (hmm… did I invite you?… just kidding ;))

As I looked around his newly moved-in condo. There were many interesting toys… not typical of a guy’s place but nevertheless interesting 🙂 (apparently they are mostly Sohee’s).

Either way it allowed me to take few interesting shots with my off-camera flash before I started blinding people with it 😛

First I turned my camera towards people who are used to me snapping away at them 🙂 YJs! Today I was trying flash photography and it was VERY experimental to say the least 😛

However, the photos turned out better than I expected and my confidence was starting to grow!

With the confidence booming, now I started snapping away at people who were NOT so used to me going trigger happy with my camera in front of them. They were timid at first but they soon got used to me waving my arms around with a flash and big black camera (look! look here!!! :D).

All in all I think I am starting to better understand the way flash works off my camera and I was generally pleased with the photos I was getting tonight. Learning new techniques… always exciting!

Aside from the photography, the party was great! The food was good (was so stuffed afterwards :P) but having fun with friends was even better.

Hyunseok, happy birthday and thanks for the great party!


Nikon D700 + 24mm 1.4 + SB600 (SC-29)


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