One of the things that is very different between Korea and Canada is how quiet it is in Toronto at night compared to Seoul. Although certain streets downtown (e.g Yonge and Dundas) are busy, most of the city is relatively calm. They both have their merits but in some ways I like the ‘quiet’ Toronto, when it comes to night walks near my condo.

Along the Yonge street, I always see these huge furniture shops and always wonder, how they manage not to go bankrupt 😛 I hardly ever see anyone going into these shops during the day! Nonetheless, they do provide something to look at as I walk pass them on my night strolls. 🙂

Another common sight I see around my condo these days is the constructions (as mentioned in my previous post) of new condos. I think these structures are called ‘Goliath’ and rightly so… they are quite HUGE, we just don’t notice them being so big because they are usually really high up in the air. Good thing is, with the lighting, they do come out rather magnificently in the night photos relative to the shots taken during the day. 😀





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