My G37 got wings!!!

I love my G37 but I always wished I had a paddle shift. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the paddle shift when I first got the car. I didn’t know until recently that you could actually install the paddle shift using OEM infiniti factory parts.

I wanted to know how much it would cost if I were to get the installation done at the Infiniti dealership and they gave me a quote around$900!!! 😐 So I decided I will just order the parts myself and do the installation myself (parts + shipping ect costs around $300).

Well the parts have finally arrived and it was time to install the kit! Installation wasn’t that difficult and I had never tried anything like this on a car before so… if I can manage it, as long as you are patient and follow the instructions correctly, you will be fine too 😀

Certain parts were not easy to reach but I was definitely making progress! 🙂

And voila! Here is how the steering wheel looks like after the installation. The whole installation took about 1 hr and I am very happy with the result.

Something about G37 Paddle shift: It allows you to change gears manually in D mode without having to move to DS. It also automatically shifts back to D mode if you don’t use the paddle shift for awhile as you drive. This is convenient as you don’t have to keep moving the stick shift to DS and D when you want to change the gears manually. 😀


For those interested in the paddle shift installation/kit check the links below.


Paddle shift kit: search for “infiniti paddle” on


Nikon D700 + 24mm 1.4


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