Roger’s House Warming Party

One thing I am realizing these days is that I am no longer THAT young any more 😛

It’s not because something has changed in my life that much personally but it’s just that many of my friends are getting ready or already had their first babies!

It was Roger’s House Warming Party when these photos were taken. At the time, his little baby girl hadn’t come out to this world yet but we didn’t have to wait too long… 😉 she came only couple of days after this party, congratulations Roger & Jennifer! 😀

Here is a photo of Hwa Pyung and his daughter (she is one of the most docile baby I had ever seen!!!) and her uncle Andrew 🙂

Food was great (thanks to Jennifer) and it was good to see my friends again. I suspect I will be seeing a lot more babies in the near future in this group (we will have another newly-wed this summer ;))


Fujifilm X100


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