Today I would like to introduce one of the hottest Japanese restaurant located in downtown Toronto. It’s called “Guu”.

This place is so popular right now, you should expect to wait at least a  minimum of 40min before you can get a seat (they don’t take reservations by phone).

Usually the line up is just outside the restaurant, but today they kindly let us wait in the patio after they took our names down on the waiting list.

The food is great here but that’s not what makes this restaurant so special… the atmosphere here is just Jap-fantastic! As soon as you walk through the door, all the chefs in the open-kitchen greet you in Japanese! I doubt many people actually understand what they are saying but it sure makes you feel like you’ve just been teleported from Toronto to Japan 😛

The atmosphere was great, the food was great and it was Vea’s treat… what more could I ask for? 😀

I believe the first Guu restaurant opened in Vancouver and the Toronto location hasn’t been around for that long but it is definitely a hit! Oh and they are not shy in front of a camera either as you can see 😉

If you haven’t checked this place out yet, I strongly recommend visiting at least once just to see what the atmosphere is like.


Guu is located in downtown Toronto just south of Church St. and Carlton St.


Fujifilm X100


6 thoughts on “Guu!!!

    • Guu is awesome!
      You should definitely post those pictures. I never had the pleasure of visiting Guu in Vancouver (although I walked pass it before) but I am sure it’s fantastic over there too ^^

    • Yup it’s definitely worth putting it on your to-do list if you ever visit Toronto 🙂

      I actually went on Sunday evening. From what I understand they are pretty busy throughout the week though. I have seen many people wait in line before they open (5PM) to get the seats as soon as possible.

    • Thank you for the compliment.
      It didn’t take much to portray the atmosphere there, since it was already exceptional 😀
      Hope you enjoy your visit too! 🙂

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