Street Photography

In a city like Toronto, Street photography is a genre that could be explored very much in depth. However I am still new to this concept and I am still working on it.

I always believe that most good photographs are taken ‘up close and personal’ but in street photography, that is one thing that is really hard to do. It takes a lot of courage to walk up to a stranger and take a photo 😛

At the very beginning, out of the fear of walking up close to strangers, I took out my telephoto lens to take some of the shots. I find doing this actually grabs more attention. After all, these telephoto lenses are HUGE 😛

Actually, I find that most people when they notice that you are taking photos, they try to get out of the way not because they don’t want to be in the photo, but they feel that they are interfering with your work 😛

When taking street photography, try smiling if they notice you instead of suspiciously looking the other way. I think, in most cases, smile brings out more favourable outcomes 😉

Oh and having a small discrete camera like X100 helps too 😉


Nikon D700 + AF-S 50mm f1.4 + AF-D 80-200 f2.8

Fujifilm X100


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