TOL (Trace of Light)

Today I would like to write about an outing at Kleinburg with TOL (Touch Of Light).

TOL (Touch Of Light) is a small group of people who enjoy photography. Outing with such group is always fun. As you can see in the above pictures, everyone is busy taking photos, whether that be with an iphone or a full sized DSLR 😉

Everyone is a photographer and everyone is a model 😉 Fun times! 😀


Fujifilm X100


10 thoughts on “TOL (Trace of Light)

  1. Really like your pictures and agree with the comment about the girl walking in the forest! I have a d700 too (moved from Canon – two faulty cameras in a row – long story:) I am very happy with it and a 50mm at the moment. Need to save up for a 24mm next! TOL looks like fun! 🙂

    • Thank you for the compliment! 🙂

      D700 is an excellent camera and I am so satisfied with its abilities every time I used it 🙂
      Sorry to hear about your two faulty Canon cameras but I am glad you like your Nikon gear so far.

      50mm is one of my favourite lenses too. So small and yet a great performer! 😉
      As for the 24mm, I currently use the AF-S 24mm f1.4 (this is a GREAT lens) but if you want to go small, 24mm 2.8D is also a great ‘portable’ lens 😉

      • I agree totally d700 is all the camera I could want! Especially good high iso and brilliant auto focus. Better at both than my 5d, although that camera was great when it got things right! I think cost will keep the 24mm f1.4 out of reach but f2.8 I’m sure will be great. I cut my credit cards in half so good old fashioned saving for now at least! Look forward to some more of your posts.

      • The autofocus on D700 is definitely something. I rarely ever have trouble landing my focus with D700. On the contrary, my X100 (although I love this camera very much for many reasons) is almost useless in the dark when it comes to autofocus 😛

        I have used the 24mm 2.8D for awhile and it’s excellent. Especially if you are on a trip and want to travel light, it’s definitely a lens to go to 🙂 Good luck with saving up for it 😉

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