Autumn is almost over…

This year, I seem to have missed out on the autumn. Only recently, I realized how most of the leaves have already fallen. Well, Vea and I decided to make the best of the last few days of autumn and went to Burlington, ON. where the windows wallpaper was photographed. Luckily for us, there were still quite a few leaves left still and yes! It was gorgeous! I think Vea and I will definitely pay another visit!


People at the waterfront

During the warmer seasons, waterfront is a popular place for families, performers and great atmosphere! 😀

Something about the water… it has a very calming effect on people. Just listening to the water breaking near the shore and feeling pleasant breeze on your face is so relaxing… 🙂

Late afternoon, around 4PM to 7PM, is a wonderful time to be near waterfront. The sun is not too strong and you get the pleasant breeze. And you will still get to see some of the performers still performing 😀


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Spencer’s at the Waterfront

I have seen many of my friends post pictures of Spencer’s at the Waterfront and I always wanted to visit there myself. Hence it was a pleasant surprise when we unexpectedly walked into it on our visit to Burlington last weekend. 😉

Located right in front of the waterfront, the restaurant has a great view and in the summer I can image the patio being really nice 😀

This time around, I didn’t actually get to dine there since I wasn’t expecting to run into it… but on my next visit I am sure I will do my best to try the place out 😉

Here is a link to their website: Spencer’s at the Waterfront


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Trip to Burlington

Over the weekend, Vea and I went to Burlington, ON. with her parents.

It was a pleasant afternoon and thanks to Vea’s dad, we found some very nice locations to take photos 😀

We really liked what we saw, lots of people and great scenery… I think we will take couple of more trips to Burlington to really explore.  😉


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Rocks, water and Spring

Today are few shots I took down near the waterfront.

When I am near the waterfront, I often see those ‘artistic’ impressions of stone piles. It’s not just limited to Canadian waterfronts but pretty much where ever I go around the world! I guess it’s in human nature to build these things compulsively? 😉


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